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Chemical Transport Carts 

SAT carts are designed to easily and safely transport harsh chemicals that are contained in drums, containers, and bottles. They are made in corrosive resistant and cleanroom-safe polypropylene material, so they are suitable for cleanroom use. Also available in stainless steel material and in "FM" (Factory Mutual) materials of construction. 


All our carts have an ergonomic design that allows the user to comfortably transport the chemicals throughout the facility, as well as allowing an easy access to the drums and bottles. Depending on the model, our carts are equipped with a drum roller that allows for a smooth loading/unloading of the drums. They are also equipped with a spill container to protect the user and cleanroom environment from any accidental spills that may occur. 

SAT carts are fully customizable to fit your specific needs. 

   Features & Benefits 

  • Cleanroom approved

  • For semiconductor and biomedical use

  • Available in "FM" (Factory Mutual) materials 

  • Fully customizable

  • Ergonomic design

  • Cleanroom quality wheels 

  • Locking brake

  • Drain valve and hose

  • Reservoir catch


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