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Precision Machined Ceramics

We are able to provide finished parts to tight tolerance from most technical ceramics, including Alumina, Zirconia, Silicon Carbide (sintered or CVD), Silicon Nitride, and especially high grades of Sapphire.

These materials can be machined via diamond grinding to very precise tolerances for dimension, also flatness, wedge, roundness, and cylindricity as required. Very tight as-ground tolerances are routine, and most features can also be mechanically polished to optical quality. On request, our technicians are also willing to review your design and provide feedback on machining feasibility including material and cost drivers such as key tolerances.

The result is a price offering to fabricate parts; complete to your design - using CNC machining centers, precision OD grinders and jig grinders.

We currently supply customers in the semi and compound semi-conductor, medical, instrumentation, aerospace and research industries for both prototype and series production.


Common applications for Ultra-Hard Components:

  • Medical X-Ray Systems

  • Microwave Tubes

  • Spectrometer Systems

  • Vacuum Instrumentation Devices

  • Infrared Optical Systems

  • Laser Gyro Systems

  • Tape Transfer Systems

  • Infrared Detectors

  • Photomultiplier Windows

  • Bearing Rollers and Races

  • Fiber Optic Devices

  • Fluid Meters

  • Check Valves

  • Sapphire Wafer Carriers


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