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Research & Development Division

Wide band gap Innovative SiC for Advanced Power

May 31, 2017

SAT Group is involved in WInSiC4AP project. This project will develop innovative and reliable technology bricks for efficient and cost-effective applications end-user products (application systems and subsystems) based on SiC technology.

Relevance and impact

Reliability, efficiency improvements, cost and size reductions, designed- and manufactured-in-EU are the most relevant challenges addressed to lead to a strong European supply chain for SiC converters. The project will be supported with synergy by ECSEL JU and ESI funding, with relevant economic and social impact envisage in a less development region of Union. The ambition of WInSiC4AP is to play a primary role towards excellence in Europe: primary access to IPs for the relevant essential capabilities, competitiveness of manufacturing in Europe.

Our contribution / where we are involved   

The goal of SAT research team is to contribute to the project by developing a complete, modern and technologically innovative pilot line that will improve the performance of some phases of the SiC wafers lavoration. Specifically, the etching, cleaning and drying.

The line includes 2 Chemical Distribution Systems (CDS) and 1 Single Wafer Wet Bench for 6” SiC wafers. Suitable for the attack, etching, and cleaning processes of the SiC wafers.

September 29, 2015

"FMAL Wet Benches" are born to perform precision dosing and handling in a controlled environment of small quantities of process fluids even at high corrosivity and toxicity. FMAL Wet Bench are able to ensure the maintenance of the high purity of the fluids assayed, the safety of operators and the work environment. They have ability to adapt to various types of fluids, of operations to perform, and applications in general.

"Upgradable Wet Bench System" Research Project

December 30, 2014

This "Upgradable Wet Bench System" research project relates to a modular wet chemical processing system for the processing of semiconductor products that allows in a simple, reliable and economical way, to provide a wet chemical processing system that is scalable in size and upgradable in functionality so as to make the simple installation and maintenance, very efficient, quick and inexpensive.

December 30, 2012

This "Pneumatic Pump No-Metal Parts" research project relates to a new pneumatic pump without any metal parts.

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