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SAT Pneumatic Pump No-Metal Parts

High purity pumps

The next generation pump!

Why choose SAT Pumps?

SAT No-Metal Parts Pumps are pneumatic bellow pumps.

The SAT Ultrapure pumps are the result of a R&D project in connection with the company history. The pumps belong to the category "no metal-parts" because there are no internal metal parts in contact with the fluids, or in the external parts not directly in contact with the fluids. This means there is no risk of ionic metallic contamination in semiconductor industries.

The pumps have four non-return valves, two on the inlet-side, and two on the outlet-side of the fluids, and a little bellow compensator, invention patented by SAT, that helps obtaining a constant outlet fluid free of fluctuations, which means no risk of contaminations for the ultrapure chemical fluids.

SAT No-Metal Parts Pumps are equipped with different points of innovation.

A very important innovation is the pneumatic exchanger “no tube” that is without external tubings and/or fittings. The inlet air passes through inner channels that are fully integrated inside the internal components of the pump.

The result is a pump that is more compact and free of connections and joints, thus increasing reliability and zero leak risk compared to the competitors. 

However, it should be noted that there are basically two systems of operation of the ultrapure air pumps: see report “Bellow Vs. Diaphragm Pumps”.

Our model reflects the bellow system that has the added benefit, compared to the membrane, to have a very low number of pumping cycles. This allows you to harmonize the flow and pressure of the fluid, with a value of positive or negative deviation in output close to zero. Furthermore, compared to global competitors, the SAT Ultrapure pump has bellow compensators installed within its body pump. The bellow compensators are patented SAT and allow you to have zero fluctuations of the fluid in outing.

The frequency of bellow pumps is much lower than the equivalent diaphragm pumps and the result is a constant fluid and the extension of the useful lifetime of the bellows. 

The advantages of using SAT double bellow pumps rather than magnetic pumps are indicated in the report “Bellow Vs. Magnetic Pumps”. These pumps are meant to work in the presence of flammable and corrosive ultrapure fluids.


All these characteristics make them particularly suited to meet the needs of the Semiconductor, Chemical, and Pharmaceutical industry.

Our SAT Pumps appear to be compatible with the following pneumatic pumps: Trebor, White Knight, Asti, Pillar, Almatec, Iwaki, Yamada, etc…

The pumps appear of excellent quality, to be mechanically robust with a lifetime warranty superior to the competitor’s pumps, universal chemically resistant to acid attack, solvents and high purity fluids like water, and resistant to high temperatures, preferably up to 200°C.

The pump is also controlled by an Electronic monitoring box for the planning maintenance and control through reliable, easy, and constant monitoring. 

High purity pump patent

SAT No-Metal Parts Pump patent

Up to 1 million cycles under

SAT Kit Box Monitoring 

Comparison with main competitors

Comparison chart SAT130Plus Vs. Iwaki FS30HT

Comparison chart SAT200 Vs. WK AP100

Comparison chart SAT400 Vs. WK AT100

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