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Why choose SAT Pumps?



A. Bellows compensator 

The bellows compensator (patent SAT), between the ball of each valve outlet and their stopper, is designed to eliminate the flow surges occurring at the pump outlet with the reciprocating strokes of the pump mechanism. The compensator enables a constant flow in the chemical distribution lines without the necessity for external, downstream surge suppressants or flow regulators. This also reduces the possibility of surge abrasion of particles in the chemical lines to the process areas. 

B. Valve outlet 

Valve outlet to triad (patent SAT) provided with elastic compensator to balance the changes in flow of fluid pumped from the respective pumping chambers. Has an aerodynamic geometry to facilitate the pumping of fluids. 

C. Central tree 

The reciprocating motion of pumping chambers is achieved through the horizontal sliding of a central shaft driven alternately by a nose thrust of the bellows pumping. 

D. Bellows pumping 

The reciprocating motion of the bellows is produced by switching pressurized air (or nitrogen) alternately to the two pumping chambers. During compression, the movement of the bellows profile (patent SAT) and piston help direct pressurized air through the opening and closing corresponding conduits connected to a valve exchange, assembled outside the body of the pump. 

E. Sensors 

Access holes for installation of fiber-optic sensors (patent SAT). These can be used for: 

- Sensing the position of bellows and, consequently, the number of strokes or cycles. 

- The detection of any leakage 

- Pressure sensing 

- Monitoring the temperature of the fluid pumped 

High purity pumps

F. Body 

The main body of the pump is made entirely in 100% virgin Teflon* and Peek* 

G. Handle 

The pump is provided with a handle (patent SAT) to facilitate the installation and removal of the pump during routine maintenance. The handle is easily removable from the body of the pump, while secure enough, when in position, to allow an operator to carry the pump easily and safely, even within the narrow spaces and confines to be found in a production environment. The pump can be dismounted and transported safely, without any risk of damage to the pump or the possibility of spillage of hazardous chemicals.


H. Screw fasteners and air distribution 

The fixing screws (patent SAT) have a dual function: 

Air distribution between the heads and valve exchange (patent SAT) 

Securing the exchange valve heads to the main body negating the need for extraneous tubes, fittings and external vulnerable parts. 

I. Valve Exchange 

Unique, patented air valve. 

Manufactured in a single unit for direct attachment to the main pump body 

No external tubes and fittings required for connection 

Easy to maintain, without having to disassemble the air lock valve 

Components made of virgin 100% PTFE * and PEEK*. 

Life tested for millions of cycles no-stop 

* Teflon is trademark Dupont 

* Peek is trademark Victrex 

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