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Why choose SAT Pumps?



Lifetime of a pump? If you read the competitors' pumps manuals they usually report the number of cycles at which the bellows resists, and/or spare parts in general, which is wrong. In fact, the real lifetime of a pump and/or spare parts in real lifetime depend on many variables such as: type of chemical to be transferred, temperature and pressure, number of cycles in 24 hours.

It appears evident that chemicals, especially acids, are highly corrosive and they quickly reduce the lifetime, the same applies to the high temperatures and/or pressures, as well as the high number of cycles.

To program the maintenance of a pump it's necessary, after the installation, to register the lifetime of each component in order to avoid intervene on the pump when it's already in failure, with extensive damage to the production.

For this reasons, SAT has patented the "SAT maintenance monitor" that allows to automatically records the historical events of the pump, manual planning of the software and thus obtaining reminders/notices for preventive maintenance.

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