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Mechanical Lavoration

fluoropolymer components

High Quality Fluoropolymer Manufacturing


Since 1987 SAT Group is specialized in the manufacturing of spare parts and components made in:

Ultrapure Fluoropolymers: Teflon® PTFE, Teflon® PFA, Teflon® FEP, TFM, PVDF (Kynar®), Peek, PVC-C, Polypropylene;

Ceramics: including Alumina, Zirconia, Silicon Carbide (sintered or CVD), Silicon Nitride, and especially high grades of Sapphire;

Metals: Steel AISI 304-316, Aluminum, Duralumin, GST, Zamak, Liquid metal and Vitreloy, Carbide Tungsten (Widia), Nickel (Inconel - Hastelloy), Silver, Gold, Carbon;

Graphite: (Carbon) Graphene;

Quartz: Silicon Dioxide.

SAT offers both standard and custom-designed UHP mechanical components. Whether is a prototype or mass production, SAT is able to meet the customer's needs and requirements.  

The components are produced using custom CNC machinery and all the manufacturing processes are executed inside clean room, class 100. SAT uses only certified high-purity raw materials from well-known brands, like DuPont®.

During and after the production process, each component is electronically tested to guarantee that they all meet perfect dimensions and surface roughness.

After the final testing, the components undergo a contamination control process that includes immediate packaging in double, heat-sealed polyethylene bags. The components are then stocked in clean room environment. 

The UHP components are ideal for semiconductor applications thanks to the high heat and chemical resistance, as well as pharmaceutical, chemical, solar, photovoltaic, and LED industries. 

In particular, the Semiconductor Industry demands state-of-the-art components, while miniaturization and multilayering of semiconductor circuit chips have raised required quality and cleanliness standards.  This is why SAT components are made to satisfy the demands of the high-tech sectors. 



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