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Extrusion Division

PFA, PFE, PTFE tubing for chemical processing

High Quality Fluoropolymer Extrusion

SAT, an ISO 9001 certified company, produces tubing utilizing specially designed extruders and extrusion processes.  Our tubing is made using only ultra-high purity (UHP) PFA and FEP raw materials.  Thanks to laser technology and state-of-the-art systems, our tubing’s O.D. and I.D. are kept under constant control, as is electrostatic charge neutralization.

Tube cleanliness is ensured during and after extrusion as a result of our contamination control process.  In fact, each tube unit receives a positive nitrogen surge and is then immediately capped and packaged in separate, heat-sealed, double polyethylene bags. The tube coils are then stocked in clean room.


Low Extractables for a High-Tech World

Contaminants are a problem you can’t afford.  In fact, impurities result in lower chip yields, higher costs and lower profit margins.  Why settle for anything less than high-purity products for your manufacturing processes?

SAT’s PFA and FEP Tubings have very low levels of extractable metals, and this high purity characteristic results in higher wafer yields for the semiconductor industry.  Furthermore, high purity means lower costs thanks to reduced contamination, and higher profits due to fewer product defects.


SAT’s PFA and FEP Tubing Features:

  • Low levels of extractable fluoride ions

  • High crack resistance and strength

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • High temperature resistance

  • Low chemical carryover and permeability

  • Non-flammable

  • Low ionic attraction

  • High weather and aging resistance

  • Excellent dielectric properties

  • Non-stick

  • High mechanical abilities

  • High burst pressur


Why use SAT - PFA and FEP UHP Tubings ?

SAT – PFA and FEP UHP Fluoropolymers tubings are ideal for semiconductor piping system due to superior resistance to chemicals and heat. The needs of the semiconductor industry are now requiring the next generation of materials of construction. Miniaturization and multi-layering of circuitry on semiconductor chips have raised the level of quality and cleanliness required. For this reason our company extrude pfa and fep uhp of the next generation.

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