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Used/Refurbished Equipment Division

In addition to new equipment, we have a Refurbished Equipment Division able to provide the best brands: Akrion/SMS, Amerimade, Bold, BPS, Chemical Safety Tech, DNS, FSI, Mei, Modutek, SCP, SEZ, Santa Clara Plastics, Semitool, TEL, UltraFab, Universal Plastics, Universal Systems, Verteq, ZEUS, SST-SRD SAT, etc.


Spray Solvent Tool is the world standard for batch wafer processing for metal lift-off, resist removal, and wafer cleaning applications for up to 200mm wafers.


Designed for single wafer processes, Equinox comes in both solvent and acid configurations. This Equinox is an industry standard for lift-off process, wafer cleaning, as as acid etch.

Chemical Stations :

  • Wet Processing Manual Stations

  • Semi Automated Stations

  • Fully Automated Stations

  • Stainless Steel Solvent Stations

  • Dry To Dry Process

  • Fume Hoods



Chemical Handling :

  • Fume Scrubbers

  • Acid Neutralization System

  • Chemical Delivery Systems

  • Chemical Lift Stations

  • Chemical Pump Carts

  • Chemical Collection


Spray Acid Tool is designed for batch wafer processing for acid etch or clean processes for up 200 mm wafers


Semitool SRD is the world standard for wafer cleaning, rinsing, and drying. SAT Group offers single and dual stack SRDs for wafers sizes 2” up to 8” in diameter and square substrates.

Advanced Equipment :

  • Advanced Equipment

  • Rotary Wafer Etching System

  • Vacuum Metal Etcher

  • IPA Vapor Dryer

  • Megasonic Cleaning

  • Quartz Tube Cleaning Stations

Wet Processes we can make :

  • Etching: Oxide, Nitride, Silicon Etch

  • Stripping: Acid Resist Strip, Solvent Resist Strip

  • Cleaning: Pre-diffusion, Pre-Epi, Pre-photo, Photomask Clean, Wafer Reclaim, Post-Saw Clean and Pre-Panel Build Clean

  • BOE (Buffered Oxide Etch)

  • Chrome Etch

  • Flat Panel Display

  • GaAs Etching Process

  • KOH Etching

  • LED Process

  • MEMS

  • Metal Etch

  • Acid Neutralization Systems

  • Ozone Process, Photo Resist Strip

  • Ozone Process, Standard Clean

  • Plating

  • Positive Resist Strip

  • Precision Cleaning

  • SC1 & SC2 Clean

  • Silicon Etch

  • Silicon Nitride Etch

  • Solar (texturing, saw damage and chemical polishing)

A refurbishment / retrofit can include:

  • Reconditioning of machines

  • Replacement of damaged and obsolete parts

  • Adjustment to new norms

  • New control (availability of spare parts)

  • Adjustments of handling

  • Modification of modules

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