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Wet Bench Division

Wet benches semiconductors

During the semiconductors manufacturing process, some steps require the use of chemicals such as strong acids and flammable solvents. These chemicals are used in complex processes that might potentially cause harm to the operators and the facility.

For this reason, wet benches represent the safest and most reliable option for the semiconductor manufacturing processes. Here at SAT Group our engineering team has extensive knowledge in the semiconductor industry and over thirty years of experience in designing and developing wet bench systems according to current industry and SEMI standards. 

Referenced SEMI Standards 

SEMI E6 — Facilities Interface Specifications Guideline and Format
SEMI F5 — Guide for Gaseous Effluent Handling
SEMI F14 — Guide for the Design of Gas Source Equipment Enclosures
SEMI F15 — Test Method for Enclosures Using Sulfur Hexafluoride Tracer Gas and Gas Chromatography
SEMI S1 — Safety Guideline for Equipment Safety Labels
SEMI S3 — Safety Guideline for Heated Chemical Baths
SEMI S6 — Safety Guideline for Ventilation
SEMI S7 — Safety Guidelines for Environmental, Safety, and Health (ESH) Evaluation of Semiconductor ManufacturingEquipment
SEMI S8 — Safety Guidelines for Ergonomics Engineering of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
SEMI S9 — Safety Guideline for Electrical Design Verification Tests for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
SEMI S10 — Safety Guideline for Risk Assessment
SEMI S12 — Guidelines for Equipment Decontamination
SEMI S13 — Safety Guidelines for Operation and Maintenance Manuals Used with Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment.
SEMI S14 — Safety Guidelines for Fire Risk Assessment and Mitigation for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

The wet benches are built using the SAT Clean System®, a cut system that allows to obtain surfaces free of imperfections and the  SAT Folding System®, consisting in eliminating the parts to knit with thermal perforation systems, during the planning phase. No particles contamination means greater wafer production.

In semiconductor devices, fire is one of the most damaging threats, as burning plastic materials emit toxic fumes while contaminating clean areas. For this reason, SAT Group's wet benches can be built using certified "FM" (Factory Mutual) materials of construction that, together with an ergonomic design, dramatically reduces the risk of accidental fire. 

For SAT Group, wet benches require a strategy that involves: Know-how, proper design, guidelines and materials suitable for a mix of secure documented result to guarantee high quality and reliable equipment to our customers. 

Our Wet Benches and Wet Process Systems include fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual options, with a choice of linear and rotary robotics. They are suitable for all types of cleanrooms and may also incorporate Laminar Air Flow with HEPA filters. Our wet process systems, wet stations and wet bench systems are designed for:

  • Semiconductor, MEMS, LED  Wet Processing- Semiconductor Processing Equipment

  • Silicon Wafer Cleaning

  • KOH etching

  • GaAs Wafer Cleaning

  • MEMs Wafer Cleaning

  • Solar Wafer Cleaning

  • Polysilicon Chunk, Bar and Ingot Cleaning

  • Medical and Biomedical Parts Cleaning 


Innovative "SAT Modular Wet Bench System" patent

How are semiconductors made?

How does SAT Group supports the Foundry for the manufaturing of semiconductors?

Ultrapure components installed in our Wet Benches

Ultrapure Manometers
Ultrapure Flow Meters
Ultrapure Manifold
Ultrapure D.I. Gun
Ultrapure Fittings
Ultrapure Filter Elements
Ultrapure Heater
Ultrapure Gasket
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