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Fully Automated Wet Benches

The SAT Fully Automatic wet station is an ultra-clean dry in/dry-out system for wafer etch, rinse, and drying. It is designed to release the smallest possible number of particles, to avoid metallic or organic contamination.

In its demo version is configured for # 2 BOE processes which can be different or of the same composition, but it can be quickly converted into a large number of processes like etching and cleaning (FEOL).

SAT Fully Automatic is equipped with a mini-environment and an automation system without vibration to obtain the maximum yield in the wet processing operations. The system is placed in the state of the equipment with high quality characteristics of the optimization not only of the processes, but also of the production flow. It improves the quality and efficiency of the processes of wafer etching, wafer-rinse and drying, increasing the throughput in the wafer-processing.

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