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Why choose SAT Pumps?



It was 1981 when Aldo Di Leo began his career as technical engineer for pumping systems and industrial fluids transfer. In 1987 he founded SAT and in 1988 he began a partnership with Graco Italy. For years he was in charge of the planning and installation of pumps and systems for transferring industrial fluids in the Automotive, Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Semiconductors industries.

After 27 years of background and experience, he decides to invest in a new research project for a super innovative pump with features and innovations that would make it one of the best in the industry.

The research project lasted three years and it was directed and supervised by Aldo Di Leo in quality of Engineers manager. The team included researchers from across Europe and collaborations with research centers and Universities.

The research project ended with great success in 2009 and sealed an international patent. An innovative, ultrapure, no metal parts pump with more than 10 patented innovations was created.

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