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Micro & Nano Ultrapure Filtration

SAT Filter Housing

SAT Filter Housings are designed to provide excellent mechanical characteristics without utilizing any metallic components. The SAT Housing accommodates 4”/102 mm., 10”/254 mm. and 20”/508mm. filter cartridges up to 3.25”/82.5mm in diameter. The connections are molded or manufacturing directly into the head and bowl (no leaks’ risk), reducing the space required for fit up. These housings are designed and manufacturing in cleanroom to meet the stringent cleanliness requirements of ultrapure applications by utilizing Teflon, Teflon PFA, PVDF for all wetted components. It is suitable for acids, solvents and d.i. water.

• Metal free construction

• Closure threads are on the “dry” side 

• Closure nut is free floating 

• Cleaned and packaged with double package. 


Teflon® HP head and bowl with vent and drain. 

Closure nut: Teflon® HP 

O-ring: Ethylene propylene, Teflon®, Viton®, Kalrez and/or encapsulated FEP 




Fittings connections 

    - 3/4” female npt (or male flareteck) 

    - 1” female npt (or male flareteck) 

    - other size on request 

SAT Filter Cartridges

SAT PFA filter cartridges, utilizing expanded PTFE membranes and PFA core & cage, will meet the most critical filtration requirement in the most aggressive environments. The advantage of PFA is that the PFA remains robust and durable in aggressive acids,bases, and organic compounds. Besides, hydrophilic PTFE membranes is non-dewetting before used.


Features and Benefits

- All-fluoropolymer material of construction provide superior resistance in strong chemical processing and pulsing.

- Excellent chemical compatibility.

- High temperature and pressure capabilities. Very high flow rates with low differential pressure Low extractable.

- High particle removal efficiency.

- Manufactured in a clean room environment.

Materials of Construction

Filter Media PTFE : Membrane

Support Layer : PFA

Cage/Core/End Caps : PFA 440H

O-Rings : Teflon® Encapsulated Viton®


- Highly corrosive acids, such as Hydrofluoic acid, Nitric acid and Sulfric acid.

- High temperature (>100°C) chemical liquid.

- Aggressive solvents, such as Chloroform, Two methyl,Isopropyl alcohol.

- All kinds of aggressive bases

- Strong oxidizing air/gas.

SAT Filter Cartridges chemical compatibility

SAT Filter Cartridges ordering information

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