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Internal tank made of stainless steel with the following dimensions: 33x30x15cm, suitable for 8" wafers. 

External control tank in white termoplastic material that is acid resistant. The tank is equipped with ultrasonic and heating.

The generator is completely external, also covered in thermoplastic material, with a display that allows the control of the timer and temperature.


Features & Benefits

  • The ultrasonic process tank can work in environment where there is presence of acid vapors, without the risk of acids attack and/or failure.
  • Suitable for cleanroom use and installation inside wet bench systems. 
  • Fits 8" wafers
  • External covering available in "FM" (Factory Mutual) materials. 
  • Customizable dimensions available.


Technical data:

Ultrasonic power: 360W

Heating power: 300W

Frequency: 40khz

Timer: 1-30min adjustable (digital)

Heating: 20-80c adjustable (digital)

Outlet: 240V

SAT Ultrasonic Cleaner mod. SU-0030

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