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SAT Pneumatic Valve

The SAT Pneumatic Valves are designed to work for millions of cycles. For over thirty years, they have been successfully used to detect ultrapure chemicals such as acids, solvents and water D.I.

Built on a base of ultra-pure virgin Teflon, robust and unalterable, therefore suitable for installation on any plant or equipment such as CDS, Wet Bench and/or chemical distribution lines. The system of opening and closing is operated by pneumatic valves "normally closed" and "normally open" which, through a rugged PFA membrane, allow the absolute opening and closing of the passage of the chemical.

They are available in different sizes, as shown on the chart below.


The valves are made and assembled by highly skilled personell, entirely in cleanroom and with machine tools class 100.
The quality is certified according to ISO/9001 and SEMI F57-0301 and SEMI E49-2.

SAT Pneumatic Valve - Single Normally Closed

PTFE valves
PTFE valve
single valves models
PFA valves

SAT Pneumatic Valve - Double DX/SX Normally Closed


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