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Semi Automated Wet Benches


Wet benches
wet benches
wet benches
wet benches
Wet benches
wet benches

SAT8X2 is a wet bench with the function of front oxide etching and it has a structure made in PVC-C FM4910 approved.

It has the following external dimensions: 1800mm width x 1000mm depth x 2000mm height, with a total weight of about 750 Kg.


The wet bench is configured for wet attack of the oxides of the devices produced in the wafer fab CT6 with size from 6”/8”.


The work plan includes:

# 2  Process Tank double carrier 8”, made in PVDF (external dimensions: 585mm x 280mm x 330mm height) complete with:

  • Cooling and heating system through chillers and heather in outer barrel;

  • Recirculation system of the etching solution through pumps;

  • Solution microfiltration system.

# 2 Rinse Quench in D.I. H2O double carrier 8”, made in Polypropylene (internal dimensions: 585mm x 280mm x 345mm height) complete with:​

  • Clean-up system for washing interventions

  • H2O flow adjustable with carrier presence sensor, which also allows the overflow of H2O;

  • Rinse time can be changed via PLC.



The wet bench SAT8X2 is equipped with a combined Chiller + Heater system, which allows the constant maintenance of the process temperature of the chemical present inside the tank, which must be equal to 28°C (to be determined).

wet benches
wet bench
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