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PFA Fittings

"Fit-One" PFA Fitting and Tubing product line has been designed to exceed conventional pfa fittings and match the performance of the market leaders. Doing all of this while being economical in high/low volumes. 

 Features & Benefits

  • Easy Installation/Retrofit (all fittings use a conventional Flared connection) 

  • High Temperature Rating (200°C) (achieved with unique “Impact Ring” design) 

  • Click-Gauge (ensures proper torque is applied to each fitting) 

  • High Purity (PFA construction) 

  • Compatibility with Wide Range of Chemistries/Gasses. (All PFA fluid/gas path)






  • Max. Operating Temp. : 200°C (392°F) 

       (Varies based on Impact Ring material)

  • Max. Operating Pressure: 101.5 Psi G

  • Compatible Tubing: PFA/FEP/PTFE

  • Body/Nut Material: PFA/PTFE

PFA fittings

The Impact Ring Design is a perfect solution to the shortcomings of conventional flared type fittings, this design allows for higher operating temperatures to be reached and creates a much more robust connection.

Impact Ring Design

Click Gauge

The Click-Gauge indicates the optimal fastening location, maximizing the performance of the fitting without damaging the connection.

When the nut is tightened to the optimal location on the body, the gauge will notify the operator either through a vibration or sound.

pfa fittings
pfa fittings
pfa fittings
Union Fitting
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